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Did talents disappear from post-soviet space? Are there any new Mostovois, Arshavins and Mkhitaryans in CIS countries? How do you find them?
Independent scouting agency Easternscout will assist you and your football club in spotting this particular new star. We will provide you with quality reports on players and leagues of CIS. We will help you expand your scounting network. Together with Easternscout you will identify and get the needed talent before others will.

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semi -seasonal – seasonal term
Valeriy Katynsus
Strategy and Planning Director,
Football scout, former Moldovan national team player.
Alex Seliverstov
Easternscout's chief scout
Data analyst
From the 2004 season to the 2016/17 season

We, Analytical Agency "EasternScout", had a question, why there are so few young Russian football players
play and develop in Russian Football Premier League...
Analysis of the effectiveness

Данный отчет позволяет выявить сильные и слабые стороны данных боксёров. Анализ был проведён по двум прошедшим боям каждого из боксёров...
for the period from 2006 to 2016

This report was compiled from the information got from the open sources without involvement of
Academies' employees. It covers time span from 2006 to 2016.
Kazakhstan FC Kairat

Kazakh football is pretty young. Professional football league was founded in 1992 after USSR and its connected institutions' entire breakdown. And if we begin to recall other CIS countries and name their iconic players (Russia – Arshavin, Ukraine – Shevchenko, Armenia – Mkhitaryan, Latvia – Pahars, etc.)...

Moldova FC Ufa

FC Ufa is one of the brightest RFPL clubs. FC Ufa finishes its third RFPL season as solid mid-table contender. In addition, they have their own transfer philosophy in buying certain players. FC Ufa takes yet unrevealed talents, "whispering" talents, with certainty that they...
Russia FC Rostov

f there were a Most Improved Player Award in RFPL, according to the media, Dmitri Poloz would have definitely got it. A player that was practically expelled from Lokomotiv football academy, have grown up into a national team player. This season he scored goals against Anderlecht, Ajax, PSV, Bayern Munich and Sparta Prague. Dmitri is a player with uncertain future, as FC Rostov has no money and no sponsors...

On 21st of June 2016 Russia national team players returned home on a plane from France after devastating defeat against Wales. It was a controversial championship for the national team, there was controversial squad, controversial formation and...
Russia FC Orenburg

Today they extract gas, and oil, they sew well-known feather shawls and play football in Orenburg, capital of Orenburg region. Of course, we are interested in the latter option. The team, which was renamed
from "Gazovik" to "Orenburg", was an underdog of the Russian Football Premier League by no means...
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